BW Technologies



anufacturing in Canada, BW TECHNOLOGIES is the leader in the safety, gas detection and Measurement Industry . It has the following Product Groups.

  • Portable Gas Detectors
  • o Detectors That Detect a Single Gas
    o Maintenance-Free Type
    o Multi-gas (2, 3, 4 and 5 Gas Detectors)

  • Stationary Transmitter and Control Systems
  • o 4-20 ma Flammable, Toxic and Oxygen Sensors
    o 4-20 ma Maintenance Free Type Monitors
    o 4-20 ma AC / DC Control Units

  • Stand Alone (Can Work alone) Gas Detection Systems
  • o Wireless, Sunlight and Multi-Point Detection Systems
    o Systems That Can Work with Solar Energy that Detects From Two Points
    o AC / DC Portable Systems


    E-Mail :
    Telefon : +90 (216) 493 09 62

Portable Gas Detectors

Stationary Transmitter and Control Systems

Stand Alone (Can Work Alone) Gas Detection Systems