About Us


ILKFER GROUP is a group of companies that provide many services to maritime companies and industry worldwide.
We are the representative of VECOM HOLLAND company, Turkey. Also, ILKFER GROUP is the founding partner of UNISERVICE INT. BV..Our company offers its products and services in accordance with the BS EN ISO 9001 (certificate number: 14690) quality standards.

Our company has been providing products and services to maritime companies since 1989. It also provides basic chemicals, maintenance and protection products, spare parts, test kits and experience to aviation, industry and refinery sectors.
Our company has been serving our sector since June 1997 with UNITURBINE service, turbine repair, maintenance and spare parts.

In addition to these activities, UNISERVICE GROUP services are also available.
With “UNISAFE”, Life Raft and Fire Fighting Inspection & Certification services are at the service of Turkish Industry with security materials and equipment in all ports of the world.

BW TECHNOLOGIES gas measuring devices are sold, calibrated and certified in our company.
Founded in 2007 UNIKAL CALIBRATION and Consultancy Company, BW TECHNOLOGIES by Honeywell Turkey’s representative in the maritime sector. Calibration and certification of each Model of gas measurement devices, as well as calibration and certification of UTI devices are performed.In this way, one of the most important problems in the sector is eliminated..
Our partnership with both Vecom B.V and UNISERVICE GROUP brings great flexibility and cheapness to serve Turkish Maritime.
ILKFER GROUP, Viswa Lab. is the representative of Turkey. It provides the analysis and interpretation of all kinds of oil and fuel samples and, in some special cases, the fastest, reliable and quality consultancy service.
Our company, UNIMARIN Ship Technologies, which has recently joined the İLKFER GROUP family, offers alternative solutions to our customers with its services in INMARSAT satellite communication systems and VSAT communication system. In addition, maintenance and service of bridge devices are provided.
As spare parts, we serve you with our UNIMARITIME LTD company. We help you with our experienced team. We can serve you all over the world with our wide service network.
As ILKFER GROUP , we also continue our services with UNISOFTWARE ship management software. UNISOFTWARE responds to all the needs of the maritime sector and assists both land and sea personnel in the control of ships.

In addition to these, our company has representatives of international companies in Turkey; all of these companies have proven themselves by ISO quality standards with the special certificates they have received in their respective fields.