he main purpose of ILS is to minimize the need for support while increasing the service life of the products; thus, it is to provide financial benefit by reaching higher gains in the long term.

The scope of ILS responsibilities on projects is presented to the client in the ILS Plan, together with the ILS Project schedule. The ILS Plan created in the concept phase can be updated during the project period.

The most widely accepted list of ILS activities include:
– Product Configuration Management,
– Maintenance Plan and Maintenance Cards,
– Spare Parts and Supply Support,
– Support, Calibration and Test Equipment,
– Technical Documentation,
– Reliability and Maintainability,
– Training and Training Supports,
– Computer ILS Software Support,
– Facility Needs,
– Packaging, Handling, Warehousing and Transportation.


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Technical Documentation

Spare Parts and Supply Support

Support, Calibration and Test Equipment

Computer ILS Software Support

Training and Training Supports

Packaging, Handling, Warehousing and Transportation